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Safe Scaffolding in Croydon from Merton Scaffolding Ltd

The key to being good scaffolding erectors isn’t just about understanding the marketplace and the needs of the customer. At Merton Scaffolding Ltd, we think safety should always be the most important part of our business. When we provide scaffolding services in the nearby Croydon area, we pay strict attention to the welfare of the client, the public and other contractors. That’s why we’re one of the leading local scaffolding companies.


Scaffolding work involves an element of risk, and it isn’t just our own scaffolding erectors we have to protect. Planning is an integral part of our scaffolding services in Croydon, and good scaffolding companies will always liaise in detail with principal contractors, site managers, supervisors and everybody else involved in the execution of a project.


Merton Scaffolding Ltd is governed by the following legislation:


• The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

• The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999

• The Construction (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1996

• The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 1994


Scaffolding Services to Protect the Public


When our scaffolding erectors operate in the Croydon area, they exclude the general public from the work area and the immediate perimeter. Scaffolding companies like our own have a responsibility to take preventative steps in protecting the public. Merton Scaffolding Ltd adheres to these responsibilities with complete diligence, rigidity and understanding:


• Streets and pavements may be temporarily closed during operations

• Public safety is preserved by undertaking scaffolding work during quiet hours

• Fans, chutes, decks and tunnels are incorporated into scaffolding early in the process

• Barriers and signage are used to divert the public away from the area

• Loose fixtures and fittings at sites in Croydon are responsibly stored

• Materials are never raised or lowered over the heads of the general public

• Ongoing scaffolding services are monitored to ensure public safety


Protection for Scaffolding Erectors in Croydon


Understandably, scaffolding companies have a responsibility to protect the scaffolding erectors working as a part of their team. The welfare of our workforce is of vital importance to us, and Merton Scaffolding Ltd ensures all measures and systems are put into place to prevent falling or the risk of injury when we provide scaffolding services in Croydon.


• Scaffolding erectors must be clipped or working on a fully-boarded platform when lifting or lowering materials during the course of their work

• The platform must have double guardrails and toe boards

• Three-board working platforms with single guardrails are mandatory when scaffolding is being erected or dismantled at sites in Croydon

• Safety harnesses are to be worn by anybody providing scaffolding services

• Harnesses must always be clipped onto secure anchorage points with minimum conditions specified by regulations covering the scaffolding industry

• Scaffolding companies must ensure a minimum one bay of scaffolding stays boarded to enable full ladder access to the full height of the structure

• All sites in the Croydon area should include safe ladder access for scaffolding contractors, and these should be incorporated at the earliest stage


Scaffolding Stability


Very few scaffolding companies have as good a safety record as Merton Scaffolding Ltd. While there have been no major incidents in Croydon over recent years, scaffolding collapses do happen several times a year across the UK. As a part of our scaffolding services, we ensure that the following scaffolding safety requirements are adhered to rigorously:


• Specified anchors must be tied to scaffolding which are suitable for the base material

• Anchors and ties must be integrated as scaffolding services in Croydon progress

• The same anchors and ties must not be removed too early in dismantling

• Scaffolding erectors must use more ties on anchored or netted scaffolding

• During erection and dismantling, scaffolding should never be overloaded


To discuss safe scaffolding services in Croydon or anywhere else in South West London, call Merton Scaffolding Ltd on 07956 568094 for expert help and advice.